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125 Valium Valley

Published on Wednesday 18th May 2016 by Sean Walsh

I was pressed to write a comedy so I did – albeit a black comedy!.. In two acts. Much about it in the Introduction – how it came to pass, how a four-hander morphed into a six-hander.

Not for me to say it is quite hilarious, especially in the second act! Suffice to say that when I was writing, re-writing the script – not for the first time, I should add – I was in kinks!..

Set in rural Ireland at the turn of the 60’s, it is an expose of Catholic mores as it existed at that time… In a town somewhere in the midlands. Nora and Maureen have known each other since girlhood; Dick and Cem are brothers of the Optic Measure,  at weekends they “give it a lash!”

Into this comfortable, cosy set-up comes Ursula, eldest daughter of Nora and Dick, her agnostic boy friend in tow. And hey, anyone smell gun powder?!

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