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Now Here’s the Thing!

Published on Thursday 3rd December 2020 by Sean Walsh

Here’s the Thing! I began to put words on paper during lock down… to veer away from Church as building, liturgy, religious rites – become more and more attracted to the idea of Presence… of the Divine with us wherever, whenever… Draft after draft followed… as I strove to get it as ‘right’ as I could.
When, eventually, I published on Facebook the response of readers gave me heart… one in particular:
Dearest Sean,
Just wonderful. Could just sit & read it over & over. You bring Him to us in a way that is powerfully gentle. But THAT Presence you manage to bring into being through your words is so very real.
Thank you for bringing Him so close when the doors to His “tangible” sanctuary are so securely locked. Thanks, too, for reminding us where we can always find Him….and He us.
Don’t put down the pen, my Achill Scribe.
It’s you & your words we need more than ever now.
Admiration & much love, Goretti.

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