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Published on Thursday 18th October 2018 by Sean Walsh


A four-letter word – but with quite a punch!
Reviewing Veil, Mark Two,
getting it ready for publication – finally –
it suddenly came to me:
see how this word occurs
from time to time, Sean…

At the end of the very first scene,
Azarias cries out to Yahweh:
Give me back my son!.. Give me back my son!..

And at the very close of the Drama,
Ruth speaks to her son:
Yes, Misach… you are home now…
back to us…”

That word, again. ‘Going back.
‘Turning back… ‘Returning…
Turn back to Me with all your heart
Following the Prodigal Son
as he journeys back to the Father?

The invitation is there for all –
non-returnable, irreversible,
in need only of a response,
the urge to…

You and I, then, whoever you are:
bumping, scrambling, limping…
falling yes, betimes, for sure –
but never, ever, staying down!

Again to our feet, struggling,
swaying, supporting, lurching,
as we journey back…
back to the One who
forever forgives…

– Sean Walsh 21/10/2018

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