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Caiaphas Lays It on the Line…

Published on Saturday 15th November 2014 by Sean Walsh

Oh, what kind of man do we hold in chains!

What manner of Messiah is this?!..

Look you:

this, this pretender consorts with whores,

publicans, sinners.

One of his so-called Twelve is a tax collector,

in the pay of Rome.

Another sells him out for thirty pieces of silver –

the price of a slave.

All flee from Gethsemani even as he is arrested.

And but now the eldest among them –

the fisherman who speaks for the others –

denies allegiance to him three times

when confronted by a mere maid servant!..

Dare anyone tell me this Jesus is the Messiah!?..”

Caiaphas, Chief Rabbi, Leader of the Sanhedrin.


Available in paperback from Amazon from early December. A stunning read.

What an unusual festive present! All you need is a PC, a few bob and the gift of discernment!..

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