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Finding My Way…

Published on Sunday 14th January 2018 by Sean Walsh

“Sometimes God brings a man into priestly or religious life in order to equip him, all the better, for a role in the world…” Not verbatim, I cannot remember the source but it was attributed to St Thomas Aquinas.

A sentence I used when scripting my play, Assault on a Citadel, about a young curate troubled by celibacy, who goes on retreat to a monastery… first broadcast on RTE One, then on BBC 4… finally re-worked for TV and screened on RTE One in January, 1980…

The quote above spoken by Father Crispin (Christopher Casson) to Father Ned (Brian McGrath)… It was, I reckon, Ray McAnally’s last appearance in an RTE tv drama. The old brother gardener was played by Shay Healy’s father… Several stills are still available on the RTE Archives website. (

I went on to write and produce several plays set against the backdrop of the first Good Friday:

Three for Calvary, Veil, At the Praetorium, Conclave: Inside the Sanhedrin, Pilate Under Pressure… thanks to my mentor, Fr Martin Hogan… and well received when produced at John the Baptist church and St Anthony’s church, Clontarf, the parish church, Killester, All Hallows and, latterly, at Gardiner street church… (All texts available on Amazon, paperback and kindle.)

Last Easter, a lady stopped me outside St Francis Xavier’s: “Thank you for your play.” Then she spoke four words that will remain with me for always: “It was so different.”

Applause! Applause!

“Breaking up is never easy…” Long weeks of evening rehearsals… hard work… but spiced with great good humour… making it all worthwhile…

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