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In Celebration!

Published on Sunday 21st April 2024 by Sean Walsh

First Anniversary.

My wife’s departure from this life

unto Eternal Life…

Many will remember her as Ann Walsh.

Many more as Miss McGarry,

a district nurse who never looked at the  clock.

She was a giver. Always…

A winter’s evening, Ann late for tea.

A person she nursed, cared for, was dying.

At midnight she rose, dressed, drove

back down to that house near the Tolka.

And again at three… A final time at daybreak.

Only this time she stayed up –

tearful yet glad she had been there at the end.

A quick breakfast… freshen up…

then along to the clinic by nine.

And no one need ever know.

Ah, but I knew… now you know.

A day – and a night – in the life

of one selfless Giver.



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