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Published on Friday 11th January 2019 by Sean Walsh

This from a Face book friend who lives in Canada when I posted about Pilate Under Pressure… He describes himself as self educated, works with his hands, and has not only read P U P but also my other scripts set against the backdrop of the first Good Friday:

Three for Calvary… Veil… Conclave.  (All on Amazon.)  – S W

“What I think you express so eloquently are human experiences that moderns abhor and friends strive to counsel others out of…

The result is that our understanding of life, in my view, is impoverished.  In our North American culture it is enough to say, “Sorry, Jesus!” and carry on. 

Am I wrong that quieting our hearts and entering into a realization of how our actions have grieved our Master deeply, is essential in finding true peace with God? 

Your writings to today’s audience may seem very heavy.

Not so in times past. Calvary was inestimably costly.

‘And terribly gritty. Your writings,

perhaps to a small audience due to present times,

take us there.

Thank you.”
The pertinent truth is that the Master has never turned away a gentle, “wee nudge”

as my friend, Sean Walsh, an Irish playwright has reminded us.

His YouTube video haunts me in the idea of approaching Christ gently,

knowing you are welcome.

“How very nicely you have touched on Christ’s humanity, and the centre of the Gospel message.

Thanks for sharing your heart.

You sound as though you have experienced much loving kindness.”

– Dave Armishaw (Canada.)



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