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Published on Thursday 31st October 2013 by Sean Walsh

At the Praetorium by Sean Walsh

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We know the Good Friday story all too well – or do we?

In “At the Praetorium” Walsh views the trial and crucifixion of Christ

through another prism – the eyes and feelings of the “minor” characters

in the story, thieves, servants, soldiers, Pilate’s wife. In doing so,

he moves US, the audience, centre-stage and challenges our


It would take a highly-talented playwright to construct new drama

from the most dramatic day in world history. Such is Walsh’s talent

that he has managed to chisel out in a simple but stark fashion a

whole new perspective on the Crucifixion story. Indeed, he is genuinely

asking, “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?”

Three fast-moving and sparely-written one-act plays [the third one a

fusion of the first two] capture the mood, tension and the challenge

of Good Friday in a wholly new and convincing fashion.

– John Quinn.

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