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Jenny One Two Three. First reviews.

Published on Tuesday 26th May 2020 by Sean Walsh

Once started I could not stop… It is an amazing piece of work that defies classification. It is so many things in so many wonderful ways, in so many creative forms, with so many challenging time-shifts, emotional-shifts, narrative shifts – all explored, developed and drawn together in a sweep of literary magic.

The writing is at times poetic, ever beautiful and sensitive; at other times brilliantly dramatic in its sweep of dialogue… It is, at heart, a warm delicate piece – and your pride in the Jennys, and their love for you, is never ever far away from us, the listeners and the watchers.

Lovely work, Sean. It will live on, in other times, in other hands. It will be housed, loved and treasured, way beyond its literary brilliance and its deserved literary applause.

Thank you.
Bernard Farrell.

15, 5, ’20

‘Just finished Jenny One Two Three and am, to use your own word, gobsmacked. It’s a tour de force, deeply personal… there is poetry in the writing and the interweaving of different stories, letters, photographs make it a compelling piece for the reader… A unique piece to say the least, full of heartbreak and triumph… You have achieved a cleansing of sorts, which is, when all is said and done, the reason why we write… Take a bow and thank you for sharing with me, Sean.
John Liddy.

It is certainly the most absorbing reflection by a father on his relationship with his daughters that I have ever read. I was deeply impressed by the qualities of truth and love which shine through it from beginning to end.
All of the human heart seems to be there.
Your way of expressing all that rich experience is as striking as ever – direct, immediate, finely honed, beautifully crafted.
Martin Hogan.

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