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“Jenny One Two Three” Mark 2

Published on Tuesday 22nd September 2020 by Sean Walsh

I was not at all happy with certain parts and passages of Mark One. So I got down to make amends – to you, the reader and to my own ego, doubtless – about mid summer. I’ve been at it, on and off, ever since.

Edits, rewrites, add-on’s… Moving a blog here, another there… Lifting a passage from one part of my opus, inserting it in another…

Arranging, anew, the Running Order… But you cannot keep polishing forever. There comes a time when you really do have to click the Publish button – for better or worse – and move on…

The cover – by Andrew Brown – remains the same. The body of the book is much improved – much to my satisfaction!

Mark 2 now available for the price of two coffees – but only on (Due to restrictions imposed by Corona virus.) For now, anyhow… Also on www.

After reading Mark Two, my good friend and mentor. Martin Hogan, wrote me:


I read through the book again. It moved me as much the second time, if not more. It is so deeply rooted in the soil of your life. Love is the thread that runs through everything, the agony and ecstasy, the heartbreak and the joyous celebration.

It bears out Paul’s statement, ‘Love never ends’. It is often deepened in suffering and struggle. I am sure it would speak to all parents and daughters (and sons).

The passion and resurrection are both there, with resurrection having the last word, as in the gospels. ‘A great decision to end it with a reflection on the risen Lord’s presence.

Thanks for sharing it, and yourself.









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