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Lights, Camera, Action!

Published on Tuesday 2nd November 2021 by Sean Walsh

On impulse, I lately began to video myself, using my iPad. There I was on screen, warts and all! Rough, you might say. Quite lacking  the finesse of a professional photographer/studio. Agreed. But still… Maybe, I reckoned, the vocal would compensate fot the visual?!

And so, over the last week or so, I came to record some of my choice pieces from my puublished writings (vignettes?) and posted them on Twitter. Not half bad, you may agree when you’ve tasted them.

Gone Daughter… Jenny Legging it… Pontius Pilate confronts Joseph of Arimathea… The Prodigal Father… Unto Us a Child is born… etc.

A beginning. In the days and weeks to come I intend to build a library of mini-videos. (I learnt the hard way to keep within the limit of two minutes.) Go check – when you have a minute plus!

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