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Molly at three years old…

Published on Sunday 20th October 2019 by Sean Walsh



After the initial shock, Siobhan and Benny faced up to the crisis very well – I formed this impression after speaking to Benny yesterday by phone and likewise with Siobhan (more than once.) She is now coping very well, considering… They have a camper bed in Molly’s room and take it in turn to spend alternative nights with her.


On the phone, Siobhan said hold on a minute – next thing I knew, Molly was chirping away into my ear! Not a bother on her! Siobhan assures me there is great stuff in this wee one – I well believe it!  And considering what she has been through, it is hardly short of miraculous:


As soon as she was transferred to the Children’s hospital, the specialist team went to work:  blood tests, transfusions… Poor wee thing – how to explain to her that she was not allowed a drink of water before surgery?

I don’t know the medical terminology – they took fluid from her spine,

marrow from her hip bone (?), and inserted a tube in her chest to facilitate further tests, eliminate the necessity of recurring needles. (?)


Then the chemo began.  Siobhan tells me that whatever is in it is giving Molly a high, making her laugh and giggle! Well, so she tells me!..


No, we are not allowed visit yet. The med staff do not encourage visitors

unto the wards… We offered to cook a meal and bring it out to Portmarnock for Charlie and Ruby, but neighbours and friends got there before us – the fridge is well stocked. People are so good.


Last night Siobhan sent a text asking us to oblige by collecting Charlie and Ruby from school on Wednesday, make them lunch, help out in general until evening – when one or other parent touches base. And of course we will… with a heart and a half.


They hope the staff/medical team will allow Molly home on Thursday. The chemo is administered in cycles, seemingly – 7, 14, 21 days. Something like that… The doctor/specialist is pretty certain it is acute leukemia; if so, the chances of recovery/cure are very high… We live in hope.





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