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My Wee Gems on YouTube…

Published on Friday 7th July 2017 by Sean Walsh

All 4:

The MacMaster Piece.

Wee Nudge.

Pen Pal.

New Leaf.


“I just watched “Pen Pal,” “New Leaf,” “Wee Nudge” and “The McMaster Piece,”
and I really think they are amazing.
Moving and engrossing. I could listen to you for hours tell stories.
The filming, production, and delivery are first-class, really really impressive.
“The McMaster Piece” is especially poignant and powerful, a gem.
I will think of it often to keep my gaze focused and clear. Thank you.”

– Sean Wiegand.

“Sean, that piece was wonderful and special. My goodness, your timing and expression made it so moving, so beautiful. What a gift to have been introduced to theatre at that point. Gift of a lifetime, really…  I hope u go viral with this.”
– Patricia Murray.

“A very powerful soliloquy from a great playwright and actor. The experience he shares speaks to all of us. Well worth a five minute listen.”
– Martin Hogan.

“This was very interesting, Grandad. I felt like I was listening to story time that we used to do when I was younger!”
– Ruby Flanagan.

I was sitting under one of the old oaks here in Savannah taking a break from work, listening to your pieces. And was very moved.
– Gabriel Byrne.

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