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Notes 0n Notes

Published on Sunday 16th February 2020 by Sean Walsh

I’m asking myself how do I write to a man who is so gifted with words? Your book, Notes on the Past Imperfect, spoke right to my heart. I cried a lot reading it but also smiled at parts. The one thing that came across powerfully to me was your deep love for Jenny and her love for you – it touched me to the core of my being.

I love the words you often spoke to her, ”Alanna…” Beautiful.

You have a deep understanding of matters of the heart. Page 80 in your book: “Trouble is, Padre, I find it well-nigh impossible to forgive – me…” Thank you from my heart for your truth and honesty written in these precious pages. You have helped me on my own journey. I’m not very good at expressing myself, ‘just want you to know how grateful I am.
God bless you always…

Reached me by land mail, 28.5.’14. I was deeply touched.
A whole world better than any number of five stars…
The name of my correspondent I will take with me to the grave…

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A long-time friend and former colleague of mine in RTE, John Quinn, an educationalist, public speaker and himself a writer of no small stature wrote me on finishing my book:

Dear Sean,

I have been reading “Notes on the Past Imperfect.” Heart-wrenching to read, assuredly difficult to write, but you fashioned an extraordinary story from that imperfect past with great courage and honesty.  An amazing achievement to forge a unity from the six stories and to do it while remaining true to the monologue/dialogue format with such consistency. Well done!

 “Penny for Your Travels” particularly moving and beautifully told.

 Brilliant title!

 So thank you and congratulations. Be proud.


J J to his friends.



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