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The Innkeeper’s Story

Published on Thursday 7th December 2023 by Sean Walsh


Yes?!. A, a bed for the – ? You haven’t a hope!

I’ve never seen such crowds in Bethlehem!..

You, your wife is?.. Oh… Is she – due?.. Oh-hh…

Well look, round the back – the stables.

Ye’ll be in out of the weather, that at self.



She’s like that, my missus – always the good turn…

Quick! A sheet, blanket, towel, hot water, food.

Then away with a servant to the stables.

Me, I went to bed.



For all their haste, they weren’t in time.

He had delivered – with hands calloused by carpentry –

a healthy male. Seamlessly…

In truth, they were in awe

at how little remained to be done…

Mother and babe, well – and Joseph 

quietly proud of his, well, handiwork…



What? What are you saying, woman?!

Shepherds? ‘Down from the hills, 

Angels!? Angels, no less! A-appeared to them!

‘Told to make haste, where to go…

And found all to be as the angels had – 


Oh, this is all too much!

Woman, go to your bed, sleep a while.

You’ll feel better when the sun’s at midday –

 a blue sky in place of starry velvet…


What’s that? They’ve gone back to their flocks?

Hmmm… And the angels into Heaven, no doubt…

No more harps for a while, eh?



I would see for myself – and about time, too!

There, standing at the entrance, all quiet within.

Family… Indeed, you might say, a holy family –

the new-born demanding attention of a sudden!


I turned to return to inn keeping –

and there they were, quietly… wise men

from the East who had followed a star

that had stopped over a stable.


I stepped aside as they entered:

Such finery… precious gifts.

‘Stunned as they knelt in straw and dirt,

bowing low, foreheads touching the stable floor…

And this in adoration of an infant!

Wise men – or fools?..


Oh, Father Abraham! Me, a lowly inn keeper,

Ill versed in the Law and the Prophets…

But I well knew the command that makes

Jewry stand out from all the others:

one only God… Him alone must you adore…

Moses surely turning in his grave…



All was in readiness when they called around:

the missus on edge; servant girls on their toes.

They seemed to enjoy the fare – while anxious

to be on their way… Coins, smiles…

I saw them out, watched as they mounted…


Then one of them asked for directions:

was there another way that would see them clear

of Herod’s castle? I pointed – reluctantly – towards a

ragged road that would add time to their journey…

They shrugged, then spurred away…



Now why would seers not wish to be seen

passing a king’s castle?

The question nudged me during the broken hours of sleep,

surfaced again at daybreak as I rose, washed, dressed…





They’re gone – from the stable.


‘Left at first light – urgently.

Did they say why? –

Only that the infant would be in grave danger

if they loitered…

Well… they should be back in Nazareth by night –

No, they headed south –


Asked me to direct them to the nearest point of entry…





Two, three days later. I sensed something was amiss,

stepped outside… Why, the main street was deserted!

No bustle of commerce, no open markets, no children playing…

Had everyone gone indoors of a sudden?


And then I saw them:

soldiers under Herod’s command,

standing back from the sun, in full uniform,

lining the two sides of the street…

And still the eerie silence.


Then the C O roared a command

and to a man they drew swords

that gleamed and glistened in the sunlight…

But where the enemy?  Where armed opponents?

Only men and women here – many of them old –

going about their daily lives…

And children… infants… new born innocents.

2023 Sean Walsh


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