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The Reckoning

Published on Friday 14th November 2014 by Sean Walsh


An insider piece: set in a friary in Dublin, Ireland, in the late 60’s.

A play centred on friars living in community – in poverty, chastity and obedience – in the immediate aftermath of Vatican Two but before the effects of that Council have really begun to take effect… Inside the cloister, behind closed doors.


The status quo is shaken when one of the brethren disappears overnight; a young priest goes AWL… Word of his sudden departure quickly circulates among the other friars: worry… speculation… finally, consternation – the search for Xavier ends when it is established beyond doubt that he is in London and cohabiting with a female…

  • A search that gives rise, in turn, to a searching of hearts…

I finished Mark One – the first draft – of what was for me a magnum opus at the end of October… Right the way through that month I wrote reams, gradually building  Act Two.

There were times I did not know where I was going, what was coming down the tracks… Most unusually for me, I had a clear idea/vision of the ending; working towards that singing finale – not leaving anything out, leaving nothing to chance – took days and nights – hours on end – of trial and error, writing, rewriting, deleting, editing…

So what have we got here, eh? To  be honest, I’m not quite sure. Stage play? Perhaps. I set out to write it for theatre many moons ago; hence stage directions etc. Now… the more I visualize it, the more I reckon (pardon the pun!) it is film, cinema – or perhaps TV drama?

That it is a powerful play, I have no doubt: the result of blood, sweat and tears; hours on end of angst, agonizing, inner searching… Any wonder I backed off, put it to one side, shelved it… kicking to touch… turning to other, less demanding, projects?..

Behold Yours Truly! An ancient Celtic Scribe in search of a market… literary agent… mentor… one who will give ear to his rich, Hiberno English while objectively analysing his script… advising him… what way to go…

The title of a play I wrote for radio several years ago – recorded and broadcast on RTE One – and in a German translation on WDR, Cologne, and Swiss Radio – comes to mind:

Where Do We Go from Here, My Lovely?.




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