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The Search for Xavier

Published on Saturday 4th April 2015 by Sean Walsh

Behold! A terrible beauty is born! Last year (’14) what I thought was a stage play in the making – title – THE RECKONING – has now this year (’15) become a film/TV Drama script – title – The Search for Xavier.

Not without pain, searching, editing, cutting back, re-writing… trying to hear and see – not just hear. (As in audio Drama/radio.)

Nowhere near there yet but progressing nicely, I reckon. 300 pages of A4 has now become 200 pages of text in a 6 x 9 format down-loaded from Create Space long since.

Wait for ever until I get it right, well nigh perfect? No! Publish and be damned, say I!  Even as I worked on this Mark 2 I had one thing in mind: make it as readable as possible for the average punter – then publish as a paperback on Amazon!

Wisdom in my madness? Perhaps. Anyway, I put my ideas for a front cover to my designer, Andrew Brown (Design for Writers.)

Emphasis on the actual title… on choice of type face… forget about adding visuals for effect. In this case, the title – and the teaser line – are the effect! See what he has come up with, above. Striking, don’t you think?

Still polishing the final edition; hopefully I will have done with all chores next week – or soon after – and so, another gem – a quite unusual, rather extraordinary, work will be available to the discerning public!..







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