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To Barcelona with Love…

Published on Saturday 29th February 2020 by Sean Walsh

Las Ramblas was something else!

A never ending boulevard of shops,

cafes, bars, restaurants,

caged birds, floral displays…

A brilliant violinist

backed by a throbbing orchestra…

Row upon row of vendors,

noisy locals, incessant smokers…

‘Finishing line at the harbour.

 To Montserrat by vertical bus!

 Up, up and up again!


Don’t look out, Ann! Down! Beware vertigo!..


German tourists, unperturbed by the

grinding engine,

 the wheels dangerously near the edge

of the narrow,

broken road winding ever upwards,

listening quietly to the know-all guide

who threw the occasional morsel of English

to the couple from Ireland

at the back…

And so to the Benedictine monastery

and the shrine of the black Madonna –

the core and essence of Montserrat.

And if the tour guide had explained en route

how Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits,

came to visit, pray, confess, make notes here –

followed by a further pilgrimage

at out-of-the-way Manresa –

alas, it went right over our heads!


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