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VEIL Mark 2

Published on Tuesday 28th August 2018 by Sean Walsh

             Front cover

A new wrap to go with a stronger, tighter version – Mark 2.

Or should that read Mark 5… 6? So many times I’ve been over this particular MSS – editing, deleting, re writng, taking from, adding to… All with the intent of presenting a leaner text, one that will come easily off the page…

And to enhance the text/story-line, I wanted a cover that would catch the eye – “root you to the spot…” And so I put to my designer, Andrew Brown (Design for the idea/theme of a veil with quotes from the script that would highlight the presence of Evil… the eventual exorcism of Misach by his sister, Veronica.

Andrew duly delivered, Big Time. What a cover! What a wrap! What a Drama!



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