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I live in Dublin, Ireland. Sometimes. Most times I live in my head, quite unaware of my surroundings – if you know what I mean… If you succeed in tracking Sean Walsh, please let me know, ok? I've been searching for him for years…

Here’s the Thing!

“But when you pray go into your room.

close the door and pray to your Father

who is… Unseen.”   – Matthew 6: 6


Unseen… but there for all that…


Stay in, stay safe. Wash your hands

the all-too-familiar diktats of the Pandemic.


Now here’s a thing:

social distancing does not cut ice

with Jesus Christ!

Not at all… He is having none of it!


On the contrary, He invites us

Come to Me

to search for Him, seek Him out,

find Him… go to Him… touch Him –

even the hem of His garment…


Sure you only have to turn to Him

to find He is already turned to you!

Arms extended… embracing… ever welcoming.

Then cling to Him! Yes, cling to Him!


And this you can do very, very well –

oh, not in a packed hall or crowded church –

but in the quiet of your own space –

your house, home, room…


Stay safe, find Jesus.


And in so doing you may well encounter

the Risen Christ – better, richer, more telling –

than ever before…


Why? Because – and this is the thing –

the company of Jesus – His friendship –

nourished daily by a deep,

deepening awareness of his presence

in the privacy of one’s own space –

that is what was – is – and always will be –

of the utmost importance.


Words?.. A few… maybe… some times.

But more to the point:

an awareness of Presence….

the warm realization that there is


close by… beside you… at your side…

sharing your space…


And the meaning of the Risen Jesus

will surely come home to you, anew…


But it is only in quiet, in stillness,

that the Spirit will stir in your soul…

the Sacred Heart… speak to your heart.


Stay in, stay safe… with Jesus.




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