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Genuine Emails: A Selection

Published on Friday 10th May 2013 by Sean Walsh

Dear Sean,

Hello again (even though you nearly didn’t recognise me last night – understandably – it’s been a long time…)

Thanks to you ( and all involved) for transporting us all to the Roman Praetorium last night. It was a fascinating, thought provoking, experience! Just what I needed on Spy Wednesday.

I guess we all have our favourites – well last night, I was particularly drawn to the character of Barabbas, and the scene where he realised that Jesus was to die for him – surely a moment of conversion/transformation?

Well for Carol here, it was a call to deeper awareness of the love of God for each and everyone of us!

The Good news in all it’s gory Glory!

One that urges us to soldier on and …

“Go teach all Nations” (All Hallows motto)

God bless you Sean, and thank you for sharing your gifts and talents,

I wish you and yours continued blessings and all the LOVE, JOY and PEACE of the Resurrected Lord this Easter



… were the words from Celine. She called me first thing this morning to relate to me the tremendous performance last night of your Play. She took along with her two of the Sisters and one of them said that in all the Passion Plays she has witnessed over many, many years, NEVER has she seen anything so impressive and truly wonderful. Celine said that Father Martin introduced the Play with such grace, as is his usual manner, and your speech at the end was memorable and received a massive applause. Celine said you gave so much credit to the actors and your closing sentence was powerful!! Well, well done, Sean. We are all so very proud of you. Magnificent!!

Much love,


Sean, congratulations, the play was wonderful. I agree with all Fr. Martin said. We are left with lots to reflect on for Easter.

Thank you and I wish you and Ann a very Happy Easter.

Love Celine

Hi Seán,
Hearty congratulations to you and all involved in last night’s performance – it was wonderful drama! Joe and I were delighted with the great audience – in numbers and enthusiasm.
God bless,

Hi Sean,

You must be exhausted to-day after the excitement of the last week but boy isn’t it worth it. What a successful ‘run’ of your Drama and last night was a ‘sell-out’.  I could hear the praise coming from all sides. Now you’re not to get a swelled head and become a ‘Diva’ as I still want to be able to call to No. 16.

Seriously though Sean I really enjoyed it and the Intro by Fr. Hogan and yourself at the end weren’t too bad either.

Can we really expect more from you next year DV – I don’t think so but knowing you, you’ll be working on it, so I look forward to that, DV. It’s a pity it cannot be seen again until Holy Week next year – can you do something about that?

Hope you had good sales with your books.


And on that night, 27th of March, after the performance, outside All hollows … the Evening Herald has a quick chat with the actor playing Lucius… The reporter asks Lucius,  “Did you enjoy being a part of something so unique ? To which he replied: it was one of the best experiences of my life. I never thought when I was introduced to this play by father Martin Hogan that it would become so extraordinary. I have learned so much about myself and had a great time in doing so … But I have to say a special thank you to the writer, Sean Walsh … It is his charm , enthusiasm and brilliant script that drives me every year to be a part of this wonderful event Maybe next year we will take it nationwide … Watch this space …


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